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What's New?

EZ Stretch Canvas Stretcher

by RC Machining, Inc.

New EZ Stretcher Stand

The EZ Stretch Canvas Stretcher may be mounted on a welded steel stand, if desired.  The canvas stretcher mounted on top of the stand is a very comfortable 36 inches in height.  To Gallery Wrap stretch a picture larger than 36", it is necessary to raise the stretcher by constructing a simple deck so the top of the stretcher is higher than 50 inches from the floor.  This will allow a comfortable 36 or 38 inch working height and an extra foot of clearance so the picture won't touch the floor while stapling.


With an EZ Stretch canvas stretcher it's Fast, Easy Stretching!

Save time, save stress and increase your profits all at the same time with an EZ Stretch Canvas Stretcher by RC Machining Inc.

Order your instructional video!Available in four (4) sizes, 28, 38, 48 and 60 inches. See how it works, click here or you can get your copy of this instructional video, fully refunded with your EZ Stretch order!



Pneumatic EZ Stretch

Coming Soon!

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