EZ Stretch Canvas Stretchers by RC Machining

Canvas Stretchers by RC Machining
Stretch a canvas in less than 3 minutes!  

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EZ Stretch Canvas Stretcher

Tired of stretching your canvas pictures by hand? With an EZ Stretch canvas stretcher it's Fast, Easy Stretching!

PLEASE NOTE:  I will have three 60 inch canvas stretchers available by the end of July.

A proper stretch on a wooden stretcher bar should have the sound of a stretched drum when tapped in the center, achieve this effect with ease.

Save time, save stress and increase your profits all at the same time with an EZ Stretch Canvas Stretcher by RC Machining Inc.


NEW Stretcher Stands Available!

Available in four (4) sizes, 28, 36 48 and 60 inches. See how it works, click here or you can get your copy of this instructional video, fully refunded with your EZ Stretch order!



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Stevensville Montana 59870
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