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How it Works - Stretching a Picture

EZ Stretch Canvas Stretcher

by RC Machining, Inc.

With an EZ Stretch canvas stretcher it's
Fast, Easy Stretching!

See a step by step with pictures below or watch the Online video.

After unpacking the E Z Stretch canvas stretcher, place it on the bench or table where you will be using it.

Setting up the StretcherEZ Stretcher

Step I

Loosen the 1/4 inch bolts on both handles with the allen wrench that is taped to the top of your E Z Stretch canvas stretcher.

Step 2
Rotate the handles to the upright position and retighten the bolts. The handles should be rotated towards the back of the stretcher (in the direction of the arrow) to move the clamping bar inside the stretcher, forward. You may eventually adjust the handles to where they are the most comfortable for your own use.


Step I
THE FIRST SIDE - Crease the side of the picture that you want to start with (usually the side of the canvas with the least amount of canvas from picture edge to canvas edge) by folding it like a piece of paper along the printed edge of the picture to form a slight crease in the canvas.

Step 2 Step 2
Place your picture over your stretcher bars being careful to align the side edges as well as the first edge you are working on. Holding the picture in place,staple the first side to the stretcher bar.



Step 3 Step 3
- Insert the canvas opposite the first side into the stretcher slot with the picture facing you. Lean the picture away from you at approximately a 35 - 45 degree angle. While holding the picture with one hand, rotate the handle of the E Z Stretch canvas stretcher away from you (in the direction of the arrow) until you feel resistance. Give the handle a little extra pressure to secure the canvas. NOTE: It is not necessary to over-tighten at this point. You will develop a feel for how much pressure is necessary when stretching your pictures. At this point you should recheck the sides of your picture to make sure the alignment of the picture to the bars is still correct. Some minor adjustment can be made at this point by sliding the stretcher bar frame to the right or left with your thumb. Step 3 part 2

Now push the picture away from you down to the horizontal position (picture should be facing up) while pulling your picture toward you to ensure the stretcher bar is against the canvas for stapling. Staple the second side of your picture to the stretcher bar.

NOTE: The amount of stretch can be controlled by the angle that you start with. The more vertical the picture when you start, the more tension you will get when you stretch your picture. The less angle,the less stretch. Again, you will develop a feel for this process. You may also compensate for a difference in canvas weights by this process.

Release the grip on the canvas by moving the handle on the E Z Stretch canvas stretcher back to the vertical position until the canvas is released.

Step 4 Step 4
Turn your picture over (picture down) and fold the cornersusing the hospital corner method. Fold and staple all four corners of your picture. This will leave a 45 degree angle at each end of each unstreched side of your picture. Using a utility knife, trim the height of the canvas to the height of the stretcher bars on sides I and 2 (sides of picture already stapled).

Step 5
THE THIRD SIDE - Slide the 3rd side of the canvas into the E Z Stretch canvas stretcher slot. Remember to start with the angle adjustment and then clamp the canvas in the stretcher by rotating the handle away from you (in the direction of the arrow). Rotate the picture forward to the horizontal position, pull the picture back toward you so the stretcher bar is tight against the canvas. Staple the 3rd side of your picture to the stretcher bar.

Step 6
THE FOURTH SIDE - Slide the 4th side of your picture into the slot of the E Z Stretch canvas stretcher. Repeat Step 5. Step 7 Finished!

Step 7
Using the utility knife again, trim the canvas from sides 3 & 4 to the same height as the stretcher bars.



Congratulations ! !
You have just stretched your first picture using the E Z Stretch canvas stretcher.

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EZ Stretch Video, fully refunded with your EZ Stretch order.Available in three (3) sizes, 28, 36 and 48 inches. You can get your copy of this instructional video, fully refunded with your EZ Stretch order!



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