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How it Works - Gallery Wrap

EZ Stretch Canvas Stretcher

by RC Machining, Inc.

With an EZ Stretch canvasEZ Stretch Canvas Stretcher stretcher it's Fast, Easy Stretching!

See a step by step with pictures below or watch the Online video.

Gallery Wrap

The printed image on canvas is wrapped around all edges of the wood stretcher bar. You have image to all sides giving a 3-D effect and staples do not show when the image is hung on a wall. This type of wrap requires no frame.

Step I
With the image facing you, center it over the stretcher bar, making sure that the overlap of image is what you want the final product to look like. You do not want to wrap the top of a person's head. Put the canvas on a table with the image facing down and the front of the stretcher bar facing the back of the canvas.

Start with one edge of canvas and fold over the stretcher bar. Ensure that there is enough image on the canvas to go completely around all the edges of the stretcher bar and end at the back.

Always check the remaining three sides to ensure they also have enough image to wrap completely around to the back. Starting with the edge you folded over, staple that edge to the back of the stretcher bar.

Step 2
Go to the E Z Stretch canvas stretcher, taking the opposite end (side 2) from the side you just stapled, hang the inside edge of the wood stretcher bar onto the front cleats.

Step 3
Tuck the canvas into the E Z Stretch slot, tilt the picture up and towards you and hold at a 45-degree angle. Make sure the wood stretcher bar is secure on the cleats.

Step 4
Rotate the handle of the stretcher (in the direction of the arrow) away from you - never pull towards you - until the E Z Stretch blade grabs the canvas.

Step 5
Slowly push the wood stretcher bar away from you until you achieve the desired and required tightness. Always put the image away from you by putting pressure on the wood and not on the canvas. When stretching a large size you may have to carefully hold it down with the side of your knee.

Step 6
Staple the backside of the wood stretcher bar to hold the canvas in place. Release the canvas from the E Z Stretch by rotating the handle back toward you (the opposite direction of the arrow).

Step 7
On other sides that have not been stapled you now have to fold the canvas so the seam is parallel to the edge of the wood stretcher bar ( the fold is at the corner of the bar).

Step 8
Fold the canvas over so that it wraps neatly at the edge of the wood stretcher bar and press down so it will leave a fold to guide in the cutting of the corner piece of canvas.

Step 9
Once both corners on the same side are folded, slice the canvas on the fold and remove a wedge shaped piece of the canvas.

Step IO
Go back to the E Z Stretch and repeat steps 3 - 6 for sides 2,3 and 4.

Once all sides are stapled, turn your image. With wood portion of stretcher bars facing up, use a blade knife to trim off excess canvas, leaving a clean square trim in the midsection of the back of the stretcher bars


Congratulations ! !
You have just stretched your first gallery Wrap using the E Z Stretch canvas stretcher.

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Available in three (3) sizes, 28, 36 and 48 inches. You can get your copy of this instructional video, fully refunded with your EZ Stretch order!



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